Chocolate-coated chocolate waffles “Colt”

Chocolate-coated chocolate waffles “Colt”


powdered sugar, high-grade flour, cocoa butter equivalent, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, milk whey, milk powder 1,5%, corn starch, vegetable oil, emulsifier E322, salt, aerating agent E500, nature-identical flavors “Ice-cream, Vanillin cream”. WAFFLES CONTAIN MILK PRODUCTS AND SOYA LECITHIN. THE PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF SESAME AND COCONUT. Storage temperature (18 ± 3)°С at relative air humidity not more than 65 -70%.

TŞ 16162153 -03-2013.

Nutritional value per 100g of product:

Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Energy value Weight
6,6 g. 24,0 g. 63,0 g. 494 kcal.